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Why do hiring managers and firms, in general, need to romance the hell out of potential candidates? With chronic skill shortages prevailing in virtually all sectors of the economy, this advice is pertinent to all hiring managers. Especially those looking for Tech or Digital talent. I don’t want to dwell on the reasons for the skills gap. But rather share some simple things you can do during the hiring and onboarding process to help secure the talent your company needs. So, let’s take a look at why hiring managers should be going the extra mile.

Let’s start with the absolute basics then go on to the extra mile stuff.

First impressions count.

Your website and / or your chosen recruitment partner are the first windows into your world. The first touch point that a potential candidate comes into contact with.  Make sure your brand ambassadors have the tools for the job. At this stage, it’s information that they can paint a picture. Can they create engagement by standing out in a crowded market? Don’t fall at the first hurdle.

Define your recruitment process and timelines.

Share this with your recruitment partner and set expectations accordingly that can be shared with the candidate population. Set yourself some SLA’s for reviewing CV’s, giving feedback and progressing or declining applications. Set time aside for interviews and be prepared to be flexible (out of hours if necessary).

Make it Slick.

No four stage interview processes. No technical tasks that will take more than an hour or two. I am not suggesting you give candidates an easy ride. The best people will relish the fact they are being challenged during the interview process.

Two-stage interviews should be the maximum. With some form of technical assessment rolled in and plenty of time for the candidate to ask questions. Show them around the office, even which desk they are likely to sit at and even introduce them to a couple of people they may be working alongside. Giving an informal tour is a great way to see the candidate in a more relaxed mood. They tend to open up more which will give you a good sense of how they would fit into the team.

Be prepared to pitch.

No longer can you just rock up to an interview with your stock list of questions, candidates need to understand what is in it for them as well. Prepare to sell; your role, team, project, tech stack, firm and career opportunity. Be prepared to discuss the companies mission, vision and values. These people are in demand and are likely to be considering multiple opportunities, you need to stand out.

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