Permanent and Contract

Our consultants are in a great position to assist you in finding your next contract or a great new permanent role, giving ongoing support as you take the next step in your career.

What is your driver?

Everyone candidate is unique. We aim to put ourselves in your shoes, to understand your requirements and motivations.

  • career progression
  • specific technologies you want to work with
  • new contract opportunity
  • pay increase
  • lousy boss
  • shorter commute or remote working opportunities
  • changes in personal circumstances
  • redundancy
Young business man with laptop and business woman in eyeglasses
Successful company with happy employees in modern office

We treat you well

We pride ourselves on building rapport to establish what is important for you. For us it is a long game, we treat you well – you will remember it.

We aim to provide the most exceptional candidate experience for all who work with Greenfield, with over 75% of our current clients originally starting their journey with us as candidates.