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What do I need to know for a Software Developer interview?

We’ve covered the different types of interviews in our previous blog and this week we delve into more detail on […]

Posted on : January 25, 2019

Types of Interviews that you can expect as a Software Developer.

There is nothing more terrifying than an interview, especially one you are not prepared for, in this blog post we’ll […]

Posted on : January 25, 2019

What do marketers think of SEO and SEM in 2019?

Brands have been executing search engine marketing for over 20 years now, however, the question still on every marketer’s mind, […]

Posted on : January 18, 2019

10 Businesses That Will Boom in 2020 in the USA

 Based on an article by Rick Newman, Chief Business Editor. Trends set in the USA job market are often reflected […]

Posted on : December 20, 2018

The tech giants can’t afford to alienate their key asset: software engineers

Aside from the main messages in this article about the subsequent effect of a damaged employer brand and staff engagement, […]

Posted on : December 20, 2018