Top 10 Tips to nail an Interview

Are you keen to land that new job? We have created 10 top tips on how to nail your job interview. It is important to make that first impression count, here’s our top 10 tips to nail that job interview.

Know your CV.

It is vital that as a candidate, you know your CV like the back of your hand. The interviewer will have dissected your CV. Therefore if they refer to something on your CV and you don’t have a strong answer ready, it can be embarrassing. Being able to speak intelligently about each of your previous positions is one of the best ways to ace your job interview every single time.



In order to show that you really want the job, it is important to study the current events of the company. Knowing what the current happenings of the company are key to being able to ask pertinent questions. As well as this, knowing a little bit about the company will help you to structure your answers, as you will know what it is that they want to hear. Doing your research will also show that you have gone the extra mile, ultimately helping you to make that great impression.


Know the job role.

In order to truly understand what your interviewer is looking for, you need to study the job role. If the description calls for a strong team player or experience managing large teams, you will want to tailor the discussion accordingly to this. Knowing more about the job role means that you can navigate the interview and discuss examples from previous jobs that will exemplify this trait. If you do this for all significant traits or qualities that you identify in the job description, you will succeed in your job interview.


Use Examples.

It’s important that you are able to talk the talk and walk the walk, i.e provide evidence and concrete examples alongside your top traits. Tell a story of how you solved a problem instead of just saying it. Don’t leave it up to the imagination of the interviewer to figure out how you achieved something to explain in detail and give an example to illustrate it.


Prepare an interview toolkit.

Being prepared for your interview is the best way to succeed. Put together a small toolkit in case of emergencies and to help you look prepared. Throw in some copies of your CV as well as some other items you will need, like directions to the office, a bottle of water, pack of tissues, pens, and a notepad. Put the copies of your CV in a neat folder and keep the other items in a small bag in your car.


Build Rapport.

“There’s never a second chance to make a first impression”, this will hold very true in the case of job interviews. If you want to ace your job interview, you are going to know how to build rapport and make that first impression count. You will create a great setting for your interview by greeting the interviewer with a firm handshake and a pleasant smile. You can also start off by asking how he or she is doing and or make a bit of small talk to ease the mood.


Eye Contact.

One of the strongest forms of nonverbal communication is eye contact and is vital if you want to do well in your job interview. Eye contact can show whether a person is strong or weak. Direct eye contact shows communicate two key qualities employers look for in candidates – confidence and high self-esteem.

It is very important to make eye contact when you greet your interviewer and whenever you shake their hand. Throughout the interview, try to make a point to have direct eye contact in order to create a connection and exude confidence. This tip alone will greatly help you do well in your job interview.


Body Language.

Body language is also a huge form of nonverbal communication. It shows how you are feeling and whether you are comfortable or not. Try to sit up straight and don’t slouch your back. Show that you are alert and listening carefully to everything your interviewer is saying.


Be Yourself.

No matter how badly you want a job, sometimes the role may not be for you. Don’t try to be someone that you’re not, just to fit in. Ultimately you will probably end up hating the job or the company, so stay true to yourself and you will fit into the right company for you.


Prepare Questions.

Have some questions ready to ask at the end of your interview, this shows that you have been listening and that you genuinely have an interest in the role and the company. You may think of questions throughout the interview but have some to hand as well, perhaps around career development, upcoming projects, the company vision or what makes them such a great company to work for. Don’t ask questions like how many hours, start and finish times or even money (especially in first stage interviews) unless they’ve asked you.

Always remember, you’re interviewing the company just as much as they’re interviewing you, ask questions which give you a greater understanding about whether the company is what you’re looking for. Always finish the interview by asking what the next step is and declare your keen interest and them and the opportunity. If you want it – show it!

Whilst there is no magic in securing a job, remember attitude is key:

Whilst you may not have all the necessary skills, with the right attitude you are more likely to be given the chance – that chance could change your life.

Follow these top 10 tips to nail that job interview and secure the perfect job!

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