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Digital Marketing Interview Questions about Google Analytics

Interesting to read an article this morning by “Siva Prasad” that covers interview questions and answers that Digital Marketers could expect to hear surrounding Google Analytics. Having recruited extensively within the Digital Marketing space I have selected my 5 top questions that Siva has covered as well as an example answer from his article that I have seen used in commercial interviews.

Q1. What are Google Analytics Goals?

Goals are comprehended as key site exercises that you have to screen in Google Analytics. Such site exercises are considered as Google Analytics Goals that advertisers use to measure which sort of crusade is functioning admirably with visitors and which don’t. Distinctive Google Analytics Goals are:

  • The goal which is a particular area inside your site.
  • The duration that encourages you to realise to what extent your visitor’s site visits last.
  • Page Visit tells you concerning the pages and guests during a single visit.
  • Events let you think about the moves guests make during a visit, for example, advertisement snaps or internet based life shares.

Q2. What Do You Analysis Most Often In Google Analytics? Or What Is The Most Important Things In Google Analytics You Will Want To Analyse?

Google Analytics gives stacks of data and bits of information and every data model is fundamental yet simultaneously there are a couple of extents where we can focus progressively like:

  • Bounce and Exit Rate
  • Traffic Sources
  • Top Performing Pages/Landing Pages
  • Unique Vs. Returning Visitors
  • Funnel and Goal Conversions

Q3. What are cookies in Analytics?

Cookies are content documents they put away on the users’ browser when a user visits the site.

It is fundamental to recall that cookies are browser-specific with regards to ga.js. Thus, a user on chrome on their work PC will have various cookies stored than if they are utilizing chrome on their home PC.

Q4. How many types of goals are there in Google Analytics?

There are 4 types of goals in Google Analytics, they are:

  • Destination Goal – When the user reaches a destination page say “thankyou.html” page then it is referred to as destination page.
  • Duration Goal – When visitor/user stays on your website/webpage for a specific amount of time frame (5 minutes for example)
  • Pages / Screen per session Goal – When the user visits a specific number of pages in a single session.
  • Event Goal – When the user clicks on a button or plays a video

Q5. What is Cohort Size?

Cohort size determines the time frame which is used to determine the size.

Definitely some interesting question and answer suggestions have been made here. We hope you will find this useful whilst evaluating your next career move. If you would like to review the full article we have summarised here, we have provided a link below. If you are considering a career move within the Digital Marketing space and would like some advice or to bounce some ideas off, please feel free to get in touch with Lucy Moran on 01743 234 029 or visit our jobs page to see what Digital Marketing roles we currently have on.

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