Greenfield IT are proud to be celebrating International Women’s Day.

As an IT recruitment agency, we are operating in a market which is male-dominated. Delivering diverse shortlists have proved to be a problem. We can’t say the same for Greenfield, the girls out number the boys.

There have been some great initiatives to promote women in technology. We have also witnessed a steady growth in the number of women we are placing.

More needs to be done in the schools and colleges to promote the uptake in computing and IT GCSE. We would even go as far to suggest that it should be compulsory alongside English and maths.

Only 700 girls took A level computing in 2017, the trend of females being in the minority does not look like it is going to end any time soon.

It appears the areas where women are more prominent are in roles such as project management and business analysis. While there are a few female developers out there most of the dev teams we know are heavily male-orientated.

In 2018, 22% of placements we filled were women which is inline with the national average.

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