So we’ve gone through the list of what to do for a video interview, now comes the really important information of what NOT to do. A lot of this we would imagine is common sense, however sometimes even the most basic of things need pointing out to us. 

A woman frustrated because laptop battery dies

Tip 1: One of the most important things to remember: Is to make sure all the tech you need has adequate battery life – or make sure the charger is in your bag and your sitting near a socket, there’s nothing worse than giving everything in a video interview, rapport is there and you’re doing amazingly, then in the corner of your eye you see the red flashing of the battery levels, its enough to send the most composed and confident professional into a major tailspin and then all of a sudden – conversations over.

Two kids pillow fighting on bed

Tip 2: Try and arrange a time that doesn’t clash with any potential family commitments: if you have young children and limited space try and schedule something for nap times or if convenient to the interviewer – early mornings / post-bedtime or time you know you have someone else to act as children’s entertainer, we’ve all seen the BBC interview and whilst that guy was great at remaining composed I doubt it was an easy feat.

cat paw on laptop

Tip 3: We’ve covered kids off but the same goes for animals: Squawking parrots, dogs wanting to be “let out” and cats who want to come and sit on the keyboard and sniff the camera, its distractions that will either make you memorable for being the “cat guy” or “uh oh remember the cat guy”.

Video interview on laptop

Tip 4: Be aware of your surroundings: After the initial self-consciousness about the level of your camera and potential double chins it’s so easy once you find your groove to forget that you have a camera pointing right in your face, be expressional, be interested, engage with your interviewer in a non-verbal manner.

Computer desk in the dark

Tip 5: The client wants to see you, they have arranged a Video Interview, not a telephone interview: Don’t sit in a dark corner of the room with the lights off, get them on full blast, get the lamps on, let the interviewers see your face, yes interviewers want to hear all about your technical abilities, but they also want to see you, to engage with you face to face and let’s be honest to check you out to see if your face fits! Are you presentable and have you made an effort for the interview? Let them see you are smart from the waist up! Finally, keep your hands away from your face so the client can see and hear from you.

Messy desk

Tip 6: Keep distractions away: No phones, close tabs and keep your eyes on the prize, you want this job. If the doorbell rings, the client will understand, make your excuses and be quick to get back onto the call, don’t let the postman engage in conversation and ruin your chances!


Don’t be afraid to ask questions, this is an interview, as with any standard face to face interview this is as much about you getting to know the company as the other way round, ask the questions, ask the interviewer what they like about the organisation, make the most of the opportunity and facetime.


Remember this is a two-way interaction, treat it like any normal conversation. 


Most of all enjoy the interview – be confident in your abilities and go get em, tiger!


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