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Sports Tech Destination Tottenham Hotspur

With Tottenham Hotspur looking forward to their first full season in what is widely considered the most technologically advanced football stadium in the world. Computer Weekly published a great article interviewing Tottenham’s IT Director, Sanjeev Katwa. Katwa claims “our venue is the best stadium in the world and we’ve changed stadiums forever.”

Having a blank canvas and a budget in excess of £850M, you would expect it to be very good. Spurs have tried to pick products and suppliers who are pushing the boundaries. There are 1,641 Wi-Fi access points that provide 100% Wi-Fi coverage. Their server room is visible behind a glass wall in their main stand. This allows fans to witness the tech in situ.

Upwards of 700 HPE Bluetooth beacons work in conjunction with a newly created Spurs App to give fans location services. This helps them to make choices between bars, restaurants and retail stores. They have installed Harman speakers around the ground, which were purchased based on prototype demos. They also have 4 big screens inside the stadium measuring 325m2 each.

Taking their lead from other types of venues like airports and other leisure venues, their vision was to embed tech into the fabric of their design. From 100% mobile ticketing and all major contactless debit and credit cards are accepted at the cashless stadium. This also includes mobile and wearable payment systems, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Besides Technology.

Sport Tech – Destination Tottenham, Greenfield IT Recruitment Shrewsbury

Besides the technology, there were a few other facts that caught our eye. At 23,000ft their club shop is the largest retail space at any football ground in Europe. Inside, the stadium includes a host of venues, including the 65m Goal Line Bar, which is the longest bar in Europe. The club also has it’s very own microbrewery too. The idea is to give fans an opportunity and a reason to arrive earlier and stay later so Spurs can maximise their revenues.

Hats off to Mr Katwa, who believes the leading-edge technology he has deployed at the new stadium helps to meet the club’s vision of “Destination Tottenham”

Even the most ardent Arsenal fan (like Greenfield’s Rob Lock) must be a tiny bit jealous of Spurs new stadium. Who’s flippant response was “if you look at it from the sky it looks like a toilet”.

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