Greenfield IT Supports the Priory School

Greenfield IT Supports the Priory School, Shrewsbury

It’s that time again, where Greenfield IT supports the local secondary school, The Priory. Today (Wednesday 3rd July) Steve Moran once again, will be supporting the Year 10’s in their mock interview day.

As the year 10 students prepare their application forms for the next step in their careers – many are applying to 6th form colleges while others are looking at apprenticeship options. A key skill they need to learn is how to prepare and conduct themselves during an interview.

Prior to the day, the school will be running workshops for the students on writing a CV and preparation for an interview. We have been asked to comment on the CV, the layout and content. We will also be looking at the standard “first impression” markers like eye contact, the handshake and the students’ appearance.

So on the day, the students will be put through their paces with a series of staple interview questions and they will be given feedback on their answers.

This will be the 4th year that Steve has attended the mock interview day, experience tells him that the students interviewed first feed the questions to their classmates who are due in later in the day. If Steve gets the impression that they are too well prepared he has some “off piste” questions that make them think on their feet.