Lightbox Digital working with Greenfield IT in Shrewsbury

Lightbox Digital has gone from strength to strength, read how they formed a relationship with Greenfield IT Recruitment.

We had not come across Greenfield IT before but noticed they were engaged with our social media channels. It became apparent from some of the content and conversations taking place, that they really understood the “Digital Agency” world. Therefore we decided to ask them for their help, in finding us some new people.

We are based in Birmingham city centre, which is a crowded market with lots of really good digital agencies for candidates to choose from. We know we offer something a little different to the norm and so we asked Greenfield IT to amplify the message to the market.

One of Greenfield’s consultants ‘Laura Gwynn’, worked on the assignment. She understood that the market was currently tough and that there was lots of competition for developers. Especially the good ones using PHP, WordPress and React. Laura knew that Lightbox had an excellent team, one that developers would love to join. Adding to that, they have some amazing clients, exciting projects and a brilliant leader, the CEO Rob Pollard.

The shortlisted candidates were all really well prepared, they knew all about us, what we were looking for and all about our interview format. The format was a face to face interview, then a technical challenge and a chance to meet with Rob.

Culture is everything for us, being a small business, we tend to hire bright, sparky individuals who can think on their feet and are willing to learn and progress. Greenfield has this nailed as the decision on who to hire was a tough one.

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