A girl Job searching on a laptop

So you’ve decided to make yourself an early “new years resolution”- You are going to start job searching in January!


Our advice is, don’t leave it until January 2nd. 


If you have some time off over the Christmas period – do put some time aside to allow you to hit the ground running in January job searching. Get started while everyone else is drinking heavily, eating lots and watching Christmas movies!


Before you start dusting off the CV:

  • Make a note of what is driving you to look for a new role. 
  • What is missing in your current job/company?
  • Think about what your ideal opportunity looks like
  • What skills and experience will I need to demonstrate on a CV to secure an interview for the ideal role
  • How far are you willing to commute
  • What are the most important parts of the benefits package to you
  • Finally, what would I be prepared to sacrifice for the perfect role in the dream company


The next step is to have a look around either on the job boards/google or recruitment companies. See what roles are being advertised that match your search criteria. Look closely at the “essential and desirable skills and experience”. 


Also if you see end-user companies advertising directly for staff. Go and visit their website, have a look at how they describe their culture and their mission, vision and values. Also, have a look at Linkedin. Check out anyone who is working for that company, working in the same office, same team. Look at what they say about their role and the skills they use. 


When you have the answers to the above questions now start putting a CV together. Detailing and highlighting the skills, experience and character traits you know the company and hiring manager is likely to want to see demonstrated by their ideal candidate!


Try to put some anecdotal examples into your CV to bring the words to life. It’s one thing to say you have “great stakeholder management skills” even better if you can demonstrate when you have managed tough stakeholders within a project and what tactics you used.

Submit your CV.

Once you are happy with the CV, get it off to the recruiter/company with a few lines of why you are applying, why you think you would be a great fit for the role and fit into the company. We would also advise you follow up your email with a call to check they have received it. Remember to ask some questions about the nature of the recruitment process and what you can expect in terms of time scales. Recruiters love pro-active candidates.

If you need any support or advice during this process then please get in touch, the office might be closed over Christmas but we will be monitoring email, drop us a line at info@greenfield-it.co.uk and one of us would be happy to help.