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IT Recruiter for Flex IT

As an IT recruiter, Greenfield IT Recruitment aims to reduce long term hiring costs. This is achieved by placing fantastic people, who have a real impact on the business.

We work in a variety of industries, providing IT solutions. One case study, in particular, is Jamie Rushworth who secured a role with Flex IT.

Jamie joined the business in a first-line support capacity and has flourished in the role. Taking on more responsibility, expanding his skill set through continued training, upskilling himself and becoming a key part of the team delivering services to 3rd party customers.

Flex IT focus on delivering IT Support packages, Hardware Supply, Software Supply, specification of complete networks and Installation Services. Most of their clients see them as their “in house” support team.

Jamie’s stakeholder management and customer service skills were immediately identified as exceptional by the management team at Flex IT. Matt Childerhouse one of the company directors commented “Jamie always goes the extra mile, he always keeps people up to date and does what he says he is going to do. The customers love him”.

Flex IT Requirements

Greenfield has always found Flex IT to be a great client to a recruiter for. They really do encourage their people to continue with their vocational training. Jamie is no exception and this was one of the factors that drew him to the role and the company.

What’s exceptional is that Jamie was due to attend a 2-week training course recently, culminating in an exam at the end of the 2nd week. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jamie could not attend the 1st week but did attend the 2nd week. He sat the exam just out of curiosity and attained top marks in the class! (He was always intending to go back to do the 1st week – then take the exam).

IT Solutions

When Matt Childerhouse approached Greenfield again earlier this year with another requirement for an engineer to help keep pace with demand from their growing customer base. The brief was “can you clone Jamie..? we need another one of him!” – Praise indeed, well done Jamie!

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