IT Jobs in Manchester

The future is bright if you are working in or looking for IT Jobs in Manchester or the North West…

According to CompTIA, Manchester is now the best place to start or develop a career in IT. They looked at over 200 towns and cities across the UK. Taking into account various factors; such as demand for IT skills which translates into plenty of jobs available, opportunities for progression and the cost of living which translates into a superior quality of life!

For years London has always been considered first choice for IT careers. However, the capital came in fifth. The London centric financial services sector and the investment banks while still good places to work, they are no longer “the pinnacle” of an IT career for people.

Manchester, on the other hand, has clearly been working hard at positioning itself as a key player with a number of high profile companies opening offices in the city, helped by The Northern Powerhouse Initiative. There are now more IT jobs in Manchester than ever before. Leading many Mancunians to now refer to Manchester as “arguably now The 2nd City” especially when in the company of Brummies.

Bristol was second on the list because of its noticeable yearly job opportunity growth. While Leeds came in third, due to its low living costs and projected increase in tech-related jobs.

The Top Ten Cities for IT Careers

  1. Manchester
  2. Bristol
  3. Leeds
  4. Birmingham
  5. London
  6. Cambridge
  7. Edinburgh
  8. Bath
  9. Basingstoke
  10. Reading

Interestingly as a Midlands based IT Recruitment business, covering the whole of the UK. We currently have clients and open IT jobs in Manchester and 4 other cities from the top 10 cities list. These are Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham and London. If you would like to find out more about these roles, click here. Otherwise, contact Greenfield IT’s own real-life Mancunian – Eleanor Carter on either 01743 234 029 or