Whether you’re applying for a Recruitment Agency advertised position or sending your CV speculatively. Here are a few tips for successfully writing the perfect CV:

  1. Make the layout as simple as possible.
  2. Keep it short – two or three pages.
  3. Use short sentences and bullet points; you can always expand on these at interview.
  4. Make sure your key skills are easily defined.
  5. Make sure your contact details are easy to locate.
  6. There must not be any spelling errors in your CV – get someone to check it.

Your CV needs to go beyond just details of what you do. A flavour of how you go about your job given the challenges you faced paint a clearer picture of you in situation. So when drafting your CV, keep the STAR method in mind so that you convey your talents and skills in tangible ways. That way employers can understand and remember. The STAR methodology is the following:

  • S: SITUATION – Define the situation in which you faced a challenge in the workplace.
  • T: TASK – Briefly explain the task you designed and/or undertook to address the challenge.
  • A: ACTION – Discuss how that task was effective and how you implemented it in the given situation.
  • R: RESULT – Tell what happened as a result and what you learned from it that could apply to future challenges.

Above all, be clear and present yourself professionally. A great CV will give you a huge advantage during the hiring process

You will greatly improve your chances of securing an interview if you set up a “master” CV that contains the following information:

  1. Personal Details: name, nationality, address, telephone number and email address.
  2. Employment History: company names, job titles and dates.
  3. Training and Education History: courses, dates and qualifications obtained.

This can then be tailored to suit the requirements of each job application by adding the details of your technical skills that specifically relate to the position you are applying for. Greenfield IT Recruitment Agency can help you tailor a CV to a specific job role.

Can we help you?

We do not subscribe to the idea of having your CV professionally written, save your money! CV’s are subjective – everyone has a different opinion on what they like or dislike.  If you work in the IT or Digital sector and would like help from a Recruitment Agency, please send us a copy or a link to your CV or online profile to cvs@greenfield-it.co.uk one of our team would be happy to discuss your CV and give some advice or tips.