When preparing questions for an IT job interview, it is always important to do your research into the company you will be meeting.  Consider the following questions:

  1. What does the organisation do?
  2. What are its products?
  3. Who owns it?
  4. What is its turnover?
  5. How many offices does it have and where are they?
  6. How many employees does it have?
  7. What are the market conditions?
  8. Who are its main customers?
  9. What is its reputation?
  10. Who are the competitors?

Always research a company against your ideal criteria before applying.  It will help you to decide whether to proceed and how best to market yourself.

Set targets for your job search and keep track of your progress against them.  Keep notes on your contact within the company and use them to build up a picture of the organisation. Review your notes before your next meeting.

Consider the following questions

  1. What will you be accountable for in your new role?
  2. What skills, knowledge, behavioural attributes and experience are needed?
  3. How will your performance be measured?
  4. Who will you report to?

Perfect preparation

It is worth spending some time trying to predict what line of questioning, competencies and relevant experience the interviewer will be looking to evidence. As mentioned on other parts of our site – consider the STAR method and prepare some examples and answers to use during the interview:


Prepare some IT job interview questions of your own – as the interview comes to an end the interviewer will say “do you have any questions for me”

  • How would you describe your management style – (To a line manager / not HR)
  • Why did you join / what drew you to the company
  • What is the team dynamic/personalities
  • What is your plan for me over the next three years, what opportunities are there to progress
  • Try to avoid questions that could paint a negative outlook, or that you should have found out the answers yourself during your interview prep
    • What does the company do again (research the company before the interview)
    • How many days sick do you pay me for
    • Will I have to take a drugs test

Dress Code

We recommend that business attire be worn for all interviews, even if not required by the client on a day-to-day basis.

If you are looking to work in the IT or Digital sector please send us a copy or a link to your resume / CV / online profile to info@greenfield-it.co.uk one of our team would be happy to talk to you about our opportunities.