Unless your chosen degree course is leading you towards a specific career such as Law, Medicine, Computer Science or Architecture. Graduates can be overwhelmed with the number of choices and options available when embarking on their careers. One option often overlooked is the staffing industry.

There is a huge difference between working in a high street recruitment agency advertising minimum wage positions and a career in a professional sector recruitment consultancy such as Greenfield IT.

IT Recruitment can be a rewarding and very fruitful career choice.

With the majority of companies reporting difficulty in attracting and retaining the IT skills needed to deliver projects. Many of them turn to a IT recruitment firm for specialist help and support in identifying, engaging and hiring people. Sometimes involving headhunting.

In the tech sector, the role of a recruitment consultant is to work closely with their customers. Understanding their business, specific needs, requirements and their particular preferences. Then go out and find talented people whose skills and aspirations match the job spec. But also equally important is identifying those whose personalities will fit into the clients prevailing culture.

Five Reasons why Graduates love IT Recruitment

1) The Challenge

With clients and candidates being human – they can and do change their minds! The challenge is to navigate the recruitment process to a successful outcome trying to avoid pitfalls of rejection.

2) Super Competitive

The market is lucrative, this means there is no shortage of competition. Your clients are competing against each other for the best talent. There are other recruitment firms pitching your clients and candidates alternative opportunities. Your fellow consultants and internal colleagues are competing to deliver the best results and become “the top biller”.

3) Very Rewarding

You are having a massive positive impact on people’s lives, introducing them to their dream job and in most cases a pay rise!  You are delivering talent that has a huge impact on your customers’ business success.

4) Lucrative

The salary, commission and overall remuneration can be very lucrative.  

5) Opportunity for progression

Almost all recruitment firms are “meritocracies” where successful people can get promoted through the ranks very quickly. There are numerous examples of people joining businesses and becoming managers and directors. Have a look at this case study.

If you are a recent graduate or you are at a crossroads in your career and are looking for something a bit different please have a look at this link for a warts and all overview of what to expect.