England Netball Adopts a Data Centric Approach to the World Cup

The Netball World Cup starts on Friday 12th July in Liverpool and there are high hopes for the home team. “The Roses” who are currently ranked second in the world, having beaten Australia to win the Commonwealth games last year are in high spirits. As you can imagine, we were fascinated to read about the use of technology in preparation for this year’s World Cup.

GPS Technology

GPS trackers attached to athletes in sports, like Rugby is not a new concept. The early devices would monitor how far a player had run during a game and create alerts when a player is tiring. This information would be used for coaches to make decisions such as substitutions.

At the beginning of 2018, the England Netball team announced their partnership with leading sports tech firm Catapult Sports. The volume of data these new Catapult products produce and the analytics used by the sports scientists and coaches, takes the application of technology to gain a competitive edge to another level.


The team are using Catapult T6 units, which collect around 1,000 data points per second. They also have a state of the art gyroscope that registers up to 2,000 degrees per second. This information provides coaches and athletes with physical and tactile performance data. This data is delivered and analysed in real-time via the AMS “Athlete Management System”.

“I think the most important data that we use from Catapult is about replicating international competition. I think what’s been really challenging and really exciting for the Roses is how we are developing a catalogue of practices and sessions. Which we can marry up with what the girls do at an international level. It is so important to be able to push through our pathway and get our girls ready for international competition.” says Tracey Neville, England’s Head Coach.

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Image from England Netball Team and video from Catapult.