Is There a Data Analyst Jobs Shortage?

Greenfield IT can categorically confirm that results from a Censuswide survey commissioned by Alteryx ring true.

Almost every company Greenfield IT are working with is actively recruiting or thinking about data roles. These would be; data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, data researchers, data miners, data administrators or data governance resources. 

Therefore it definitely appears, there are more vacancies than candidates. As a result, a talent shortage!

Furthermore, data is being produced at a rate that makes your brain ache just looking at the figures. Businesses are starting to realise that “Data is the new Gold”. So capturing, analysing and harnessing this data for commercial benefits should be front and centre for any company.

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In the Concensus survey, one-third of businesses said they would like to become more data-driven. With two-fifths, saying they would like to get more value and ROI from their data. Both groups share the same problem… a lack of data analytics experts.

Also, three-quarters of the survey all agreed, without having the correct skill-sets, businesses will find it difficult to understand their customers and personalise their services within this data-led world.

So if you work in data you are in demand! It’s safe to say there are plenty of data analyst jobs out there, putting upward pressure on the prevailing salaries. All our clients from finance companies to sport organisations, all have a need for data analysts experts. 

If you would like to find out more about Greenfield IT Recruitment and how we are supporting our clients identify and attract data analytic experts, why not get in touch.

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