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On Sunday 28th of July Red Bull Racing created a piece of history in the world of Formula 1 by breaking the record for the fastest pit stop. 


Earlier in the month in the British Grand Prix, Red Bull managed to complete a pit stop in under two seconds, which many people thought could not be bettered. Pure harmony as they executed the two magical components of individual high performance while working together as a team. Just watch their reaction as the F1 car accelerates away.



Two weeks later on a chaotic weekend in Hockenheim, Germany. 


Verstappen was brought in for a new set of tyres. What happened next was nothing short of incredible. The Red Bull Racing pit crew were at it again and a new world record of 1.88 seconds was set. Which for those of you who do or don’t watch F1 is seriously quick… like breathtakingly quick. 



Team’s expert pit work.

Commitment to be the best in their field and masters of their trade. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was full of praise for his team’s expert pit work, “The pit stop crew were unbelievable today. going under two seconds is difficult because we are touching the limits of human performance”. 

The pit crew are a team within a team, competing to get faster and faster. Now breaking the 2-second mark when back in 1982 the average pit stop was 15 seconds (albeit they are not refuelling these days).

So what can we learn from Red Bull and how can we apply this to our businesses?

The outcome was highlighted on the podium after the race as Verstappen was joined by Phil Turner, Red Bulls Chief Mechanic. It would have been very easy to let Max Verstappen take all the glory. Make sure you share the business success with the support functions and communicate it like Christian Horner!

This desire to be the best, obsessing with marginal gains in all teams and departments – focused on the common goal. In this case it’s endeavouring to make the car travel around the track 60+ times as fast as physically possible. 

Does everyone:

  1. a) Have a simple, clear role. 

The value of their contribution:

  1. c) Understand how their role and everyone else’s link together 
  2. d) The value of everyone else’s contribution.
  3. e) Do you celebrate each others success

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