Internet Trends 2019

We came across a report, ‘Internet Trends 2019’ written by Mary Meeker, Partner now at Bond Cap who is a global technology investment firm. They support visionary founders throughout their life cycle of innovation & growth. The report is an overview of the world’s largest market of Internet users in 2019. Interestingly some of the trends highlighted within the report, were quite surprising.

A couple of key trends:

According to Bond, there is 3.8 billion people who use the internet, which is just over half the world’s population. The report shows all current market trends and highlights how growth is much harder when they reach the mainstream. An example of this, is E-commerce and retail stores. While the E-commerce industry continues to grow within the market, retail stores, on the other hand, is experiencing a slower growth rate and in some cases a massive decline. It was only last summer when House of Fraser was in trouble and Arcadia Group made the headlines last week. On the other side, internet advertising and innovation is in healthy growth mode.

The report also looks at the rapid increase in digital data and the success of companies around the world. It explains how context-rich data can help businesses provide more tailored products and services to consumers. Therefore providing higher satisfaction. Cyber security was also another trend which was looked at. With our internet systems are becoming more advanced and sophisticated, which means a higher risk for cyber attacks.

One trend which showed a surprising result, was social media. Due to it having a strong period of growth, it now seems to be experiencing a downward turn, but this could change in the future.

To read the full report, click here Internet Trends 2019 Report.

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