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Do you know what technology recruitment consultants do? We just get people jobs, right?

When you think “Recruitment Agency”, do you think of a shop front on the local high street advertising minimum wage factory work? This is NOT what we do here at Greenfield IT.

We hire great people with no experience in recruitment or the tech sector and make them successful IT recruiters. If you’re intrigued we thought it would be a good idea to give a REALLY HONEST overview of what you are about to get yourself involved in.

Its really really tough, and brutal at times. Full of highs and lows, but if you’re good at it, it’s a fantastic job. Even if this sounds like its right up your street, it’s 50/50 if you are going to like it or not, fact!

So here are some things you might not like about it…

  • The hours… we don’t work stupid hours, we all enjoy a great work life balance but you need a flexible approach. By default the people you need to speak to are working. So you need to be able to speak to them when they want to speak to you. This could mean making a few calls in the early mornings. You can’t expect someone to speak to you on the phone about a new job if they are sat next to their current boss
  • The industry gets a bad rep. A very small number of people will hate you just because of your job title, even before you say a word to them. You have to accept this and not let it get to you
  • Think you’re good at sales, think again! This resilience test is the ultimate challenge. Because of how lucrative the industry is, it’s super competitive. I bet you have never sold a product that can change it’s mind
  • You will have your head puddled by all the IT jargon in the first three months. You don’t need any knowledge of tech to succeed in tech rec, but you will need to be like a sponge. Going out of your way to understand as much as you can, to enable you to hang onto the coat tails of an industry which morphs and evolves at break neck speed
  • We spend our days racing against the clock and keeping out the competition, while balancing the candidate’s needs and the client’s demands. It’s harder than it sounds. You will get times when despite your intense efforts everything you touch turns to dust

Greenfield IT, Recruitment

So having tried really hard to put you off, if you’re still reading this, we better tell you about some of the good things that make us LOVE TECH RECRUITMENT!

  • As mentioned before you can make a very lucrative career for yourself (it really is in your hands)
  • The highs are amazing. That’s just the truth. Making placements and closing deals is awesome. You’re making money, you’re successful. Sometimes you get the Midas touch and everything you touch turns to gold
  • Your job has a huge effect on the lives of people
  • The results of your work give companies a competitive advantage, working with big well-known brands across industry and the tech sectors
  • You work in the tech sector, without having to be a techie
  • You will make really long term relationships and friends through your work
  • The harder you work, the more successful you will be. You will be paid a basic salary and commission which is based on performance. So hard work = Money, irrespective of how long you have worked for the company
  • Promotions and management opportunities are available very quickly

Greenfield IT, Recruitment, Digital, Tech, job

Ultimately the highs far outweigh the lows.

Now you have digested all that, I realise we better tell you a bit about the job and the business.
We are a business in growth mode and we are recruiting our future leaders now.
We work in the technology space and the market is on fire! The digital skills shortage is making national headlines.

We are the only tech recruitment firm in Shropshire so we have to grow our own talent rather than being able to hire experienced recruiters. This means you will be enrolled in our rookie academy, where you will follow our 3 month induction and training programme. The academy delivers a mix of in house and external training and runs in parallel with a series of online tutorials to help embed learning around the main activities and tools to be a success. We have a culture of learning and understand on going personal development is a journey not a destination.

The role will initially start in partnership with one of our established consultants, speaking to professional tech candidates about opportunities within tech companies. Your opportunity to make money in commission starts on day one. As your skills develop, you will build your business through your contacts and relationships. Depending on your individual strengths and motivations a unique career path is crafted for you, triggered by promotion milestones and personal achievements.

What we offer:

Basic Salary + Commission based on revenue generated, open plan “banter rich” office environment, lots of team lunches & nights out, an annual incentive trip (think Barcelona, Palma, Ibiza …), great team, development prospects and loads more stuff!

What we want:

  • Energy & Enthusiasm – Does this advert give you a nervously excited smile or fill you with dread? Be honest with yourself.
  • Persistence and Resilience – Accept that some of the more mundane and tough tasks need to be done with focus on the bigger goal. You need to accept disappointment sometimes, take it and come back fighting.  You can’t let it consume you or let a bad five minutes turn into a bad day or week.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Great Communication – We expect you to be amazing in person, on the phone, on FaceTime or Skype, on SMS, on social media and email. The ability to think on your feet to spot and react to an opportunity is a must!

Will it be tough? Definitely! Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

To find out a little more or for an informal chat about this exciting opportunity… please get in touch with Lewis Collins or call the office on 01743 296544