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Team Success Story

The Greenfield team comprises of a host of success stories.

Team Success Story

As we are located in Shrewsbury, a beautiful West Midlands market town 5 miles from the Welsh boarder, finding experienced IT recruiters has proved tricky. While we have been lucky on a couple of occasions where experienced people have relocated into the town, our nearest competitor is based 30 miles away, as a result most of our consultants are home grown and come from a variety of back grounds.

People have joined from retail management, hospitality, travel and sales back grounds with the energy and enthusiasm required for recruitment and been a great success.

One story stands out amongst our team

Vicky Heard joined the business in 2012 as a consultant; she had broad multi sector recruitment experience and decided she wanted to work with a company in a specialist sector with a good reputation where she could build her business without repressive KPI’s.

Starting from ground zero with no clients and under contractual restrictive covenenants from her previous employer, Vicky had to use all her sales and marketing skills to build up her client base from scratch.

Things progressed quickly with Vicky consistently over performing against her targets, after a year Vicky hired her first member of staff “as a resourcer” to help her service her client base and this team has now grown steadily ever since.

Three years as a successful team leader, Vicky was deputising for the Directors and acting as an escalation point for any queries and questions both internally and externally and was seen as a role model for newer members of staff.

In March 2018, as a reward for her loyalty and continued stella performance Vicky was promoted to the board of directors and also issued shares in the business

On : March 21, 2018