Technical Testing Capability

Greenfield recruit across the entire IT spectrum, we work hard to keep up with emerging technology and understand what most products do and how they stack together, we do not profess to be technically proficient in any of them.

We partner with Technically Compatible, who provide bespoke online technical tests on virtually all of the most common products in the market today. An example would be .Net programming; this can be broken down into C# or VB (again broken down into versions). Technically Compatible has a bank of over 400 questions on each subject, which can be picked individually to create a bespoke test for your requirement or can be picked at random. The test is then delivered to candidates via email, containing a URL link to the test. The candidate then completes the test online and we have the results immediately.

A full list of technologies available for Greenfield to run tests can be provided on request, we would be happy to send you a sample test, so you can ascertain its relevance to your requirement, or even benchmark your current staff so we know how high the bar needs to be.

If you are engaging Greenfield to help you source staff, we include this testing for free.