Greenfield IT Recruitment specialise in understanding a client’s requirement, reacting quickly, knowing where to look for the people and matching the technical skills. We are also skilled in managing clients and contractors through the recruitment process and negotiating with all parties to secure a satisfactory contract offer.

Once deals have been done, rates and duration have been agreed Greenfield then outsources the back office function to TCP Managed Services Limited.

What TCP do for us:

  1. Raise fully compliant contracts,
  2. Process contractors time sheets / payments (subject to contracts).
  3. Invoice our clients.

As a high earning contractor, one of your biggest concerns about securing a contract though SME recruitment agencies is getting paid. TCP Managed Services are a huge multi-million pound business with a stellar credit rating meaning you can crack on with your contract safe in the knowledge that your invoices are going to be paid in a timely manner and we can carry on working to secure your next assignment.